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Finding love is one of the most important life decisions you will ever make. Why let one of the most important decisions of your life – to pick your soul mate and life partner – be left to pure chance? When your desire is to share your quality of life with that special person for the rest of your life, choosing the right professional becomes important. Make an investment into your future happiness.




Fees for our services are extremely competitive and cheap! Our fees can vary depending on the packages you choose during the registration.





  • Fees range from N700,000 for a 3 month program with weekly sessions in person, over phone or Skype
  • Fees can vary depending on the duration of the program and a number of sessions
  • Fees are due and payable at time of signing of the Agreement
  • Individual sessions fees are charged at an hourly rate of N70,000
  • 3 hours coaching session fee is N120,000



Elite Companion personal coach is not a psychologist or a therapist; a coaching session is not psychological counseling or any type of therapy.  Elite Companion personal coach is not an attorney, accountant, business analyst, solicitor, or a financial advisor and cannot provide professional advice as to any of those areas of expertise. You should seek an advice of the respective licensed professionals if you require their expertise. Elite Companion personal coach is an individual who may help you identify any areas of concern relating to your personal and/or professional life and formulate possible plans of action or scenarios to resolve any such concerns.






Fees range from ₦20,000 ($50) for standard. ₦300,000 ($600)  for VIP and ₦2,400,000 ($3000) for Pro membership.

Whatsapp group ₦2000. NOTE: Whatsapp group is a public group for people in this catergory and you are responsible for whatever information you posted in the group.

Fees are due and payable at time of registration.

Price of matchmaking plans depend upon client’s specifications as to their potential mate, and frequency and number of introductions.



Elite plans are available by request


  • Work exclusively with Cynthia
  • Exclusive search for potential matches within and outside our database
  • Personalized intake, unique matchmaking approach
  • Absolutely discreet and confidential services
  • Screening of your potential matches in a one-on-one interview before you meet them in person
  • Feedback and confidential consultations throughout the period of your contract
  • Associated costs of individual advertising and marketing strategies to attract matches for you from outside of our database
  • Concierge services, practice dates or attending dates with you
  • Lifetime membership in our exclusive off-line database
  • Invitations to private parties and events





We guarantee that you will be introduced to eligible singles who meet your individual criteria for a life-partner.


We also guarantee to perform background check and detailed personal interviews of all of our Pro and Platinum clients and database members before they go on their first date.


We cannot guarantee what happens after two of you met.

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