What we do

As one of the most well-established matchmaking services in Nigeria, Elite Companion Network been offering the best in personalised matchmaking and dating services exclusively for successful singles for nearly 5 years. Hundreds of our former members are now happily married or in a long-term relationship. Since our establishment in 2015, we have expanded to include relationship experts, image consultants and life coaches.

We offer an holistic matchmaking and personal introductions service firstly, as introductions based on personal recruitment and matchmaking to compatible matches. We act as your ‘publicity agent’ or personal marketer in getting you into new circles and more. Whether you are looking for love, friendship, a committed relationship, travel/activity partner or just to enlarge your social circle, we do this by providing personalized service, 100% Confidential and Exclusive.

Most of our members are busy executives or career minded souls who simply have little time to go on the hunt, and the research and trials of finding a compatible match is exhausting and often fruitless. It is a 21st Century form of social interaction that is efficient, accurate and dignified, and no self-respecting quality person today wants to be exposed to undesirable elements or embarrassing situations and life is to short to make the wrong investment when your heart is involved.

Having hooked up hundreds of couples who were either dating in Lagos, Abuja, Porthacourt, Asaba, Calabar, Zaria, Ife, Bauchi, Akure, Oyo, Lafia, Suleja, Gboko, Abeokuta, Owerri, Benin, Warri, Enugu, kogi, Onitsha, Ibadan, Bayelsa,Taraba,Lokoja, Ilorin, Okene, Ekiti, Jos, and outside the country.! This is NOT anything like online dating, nor is it an internet dating site or as as random as FB and there is a guarantee of confidentiality - definitely no internet as our database is kept offline! You are offered CHOICES as you retain the right to choose whom you wish to meet at all times - no list of names, not just a cell number, but rather by means of an emailed private CV and current pics of the proposed intro first and there is a FEE for this service.

Where are your clients from?

Elite Companion Matchmaking caters to both local and international clients, with the majority residing in Nigeria. Our clients comprise of thousands of quality single professionals around Nigeria who come from different backgrounds. They include doctors, lawyers, professors, entrepreneurs, etc.

What are your members seeking?

Our clients are seeking other professionals for friendship, love, a long-term relationship or possible marriage.

Do you verify your clients?

Each of our clients has been personally interviewed by us and must meet our criteria – decent, upscale professionals who are who they say they are. Our screening process provides you with assurance that you wouldn’t get in any other form of dating.

Is my information kept private and confidential?

Your information is safe with us. It is kept on a very restrictive basis and can only be viewed by a compatible client once we have received your approval. We do not post or broadcast your information online. We at Elite Companion Network Matchmaking take discretion very seriously and understand how important it is to keep your personal life private.

I’m very busy, how will I find the time to go on dates?

Our personalised matchmaking service was built for busy professionals. We do all the legwork and you enjoy the dates.

Are your members Christians and Muslims?

Many of our members are Christians and Muslims, while others come from different religious backgrounds. We understand the importance of finding someone with similar religious views.

Why would I need to pay for this service?

There are many ways to meet new Singles out there, from internet dating, church socials, friends and even mobile flirt and FB, and there are still costs involved whilst you are muddling through the dozens of choices only to find there are no real compatible matches at the end of the day. Time is money. It is also emotionally draining and often results in ‘best for now’ and it can be very risky. Some types have agendas that only manifest down the line, or the individual you have given your heart to, turns out to be unstable in some way, beyond your capacity to change.

How long does it take to get matched?

Timing - Love may find you today, tomorrow, or next week or next year, but we strive to motivate success as soon as possible

Can you guarantee me love?

No. We cannot guarantee you love. No one can. But we can guarantee that we will try our very best to set you up with people who fit with your needs, wants, interests and personality.

What's the difference between a match and a date?

A match is when we introduce you to a potential date over email or whatsapp. A date is when you meet one another in person. We can only guarantee matches. The going-on-a-date stuff is entirely up to you. (You're both smart people! You'll figure it out!)

What is the cost of your service?

Elite Companion Matchmaking charges a nominal, all-inclusive membership fee. Please check our home page for our packages or contact us to schedule a free, no-pressure consultation to receive a quotation and discuss how we can help you.
Elite Network has a no refund policy.

What happen after payment

Process for women
Our matchmaking experts will contact you first. You will receive a detailed CV, a basic bio of him, with current and guaranteed authentic photos, to consider – then it is your choice if you wish to meet or not.
When you’re interested in meeting, we’ll contact him. If it’s mutual, our matchmakers at our dating agency pass on your phone number to him.

Process for men
Our matchmakers start by contacting the ladies for you. When she’s interested, we’ll contact you with her details.

You’ll receive her photo, physical description and her regular interests. When you’re interested, we give you her telephone number so that you can organise a time to meet.

Do you ever revoke memberships?

Please note that memberships can be revoked at any time without compensation or explanation if we learn that you didn’t treat a fellow client with due respect and humanity during your date. (We don’t expect we’ll ever have to do this, though. Mutual respect is pretty basic kindergarten stuff, pals!)

Do I have any say in the selection process of proposed introductions?

We strongly uphold the individual right to freedom of choice and freedom of association. Hence we have an singles introduction system that is detailed and concise so that you can evaluate the worth of choosing or declining any proposals, without having to leave your front door. We may even propose you try ‘something new’ and do something differently! Depth, insight and knowledge as to each proposal is transparent and accurate.

If I meet someone and don’t want to proceed, how do I exit graciously?

As your social agent of singles introductions, we are your go-between and we rely strongly on feedback and progress reports from our members. If you need to exit you depart your rendezvous courteously, be dignified and friendly and let us know and we will do the necessary! We work with good karma and avoid conflict at all costs. Your privacy is guaranteed and you can walk away without giving any personal information and be forgotten! That is the science of our processes – you are all fully informed yet you retain a certain anonymity… can remain incognito!

What age range is your members?

Female-25 years old and above.
Male-35 years old and above.

What happens after I submit my contact details?

1 First be assured that ALL details are held in the strictest confidence and WE DO NOT ever disclose your personal information to anyone!
2 Once we receive your contact details we will get hold of you to know your ideal match. All we request at this stage is your integrity and commitment and email us a head and shoulders photograph which is for our files only.
3 We will supply you with all further information after our chat with you to enable us to know your ideal match.
4 When you join, we will put you on our database and begin setting up introductions for you.

What form of payment will you accept?

We accept bank transfer, bank deposit and Paypal payment. feel free to contact us for our bank account or click Paypal image above to pay with Paypal.

Can standard member meet VIP or Pro members?

Standard member to standard member.
VIP and Pro member can meet anyone

Counseling - Frequently Asked Questions

What does a therapy session look like?

Therapy sessions are 50 minutes long for individual, couples, and family counseling. Longer sessions are available, but pricing and availability are personalized to each therapist. After you have booked your first appointment, you will be sent paperwork through your portal to complete before your first session.

How much does therapy cost?
Elite Companion Therapy has multiple therapists available to best meet your needs – including your financial ability. However, the cost of therapy goes beyond the amount of money you are spending. With therapy, you are getting the tools and learning the skills you need to feel successful in yourself and your relationships. You are investing in yourself and your relationship; this will end up saving you money and heartache down the road.

Who do you work with?

We have therapists who work with children, adolescents, and adults of all ages. Our therapists provide individual therapy, couples and marriage therapy (including premarital counseling), and family

WhatsApp Group (New)

Is my information secure?
By joining our whatsaapp group, please note that this is a public group and we cannot be held responsible for your information you posted in the group.

Privacy Policy

Your data will NOT be used for marketing purposes or shared with third parties, and will only be kept for a minimum period of time relevant to the purpose for which it was collected. All data is sent and stored securely and is confidential; Elite Companion Matchmaking takes appropriate steps to safeguard against unauthorised access to your data. All Elite Companion Matchmaking staff are contractually bound to keep confidential any information they encounter. We do not outsource our communications to you and our IT infrastructure is maintained by in-house specialists.
Your personal data, such as contact details and photo(s), may be retained for a longer period of time if you become an Elite Companion Matchmaking member. This information will only be shared with clients (matches) with your consent. You may request to access or amend your personal details held by us. You may opt out of communications from us at any time by contacting us.


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We look forward to serving you.
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